Privacy Policy

This document is as of October 2, 2021.

Information on Privacy Policy is subject to change following function addition of website and the status of contents. I recommend you to check the newest information.

Disclosure about advertisement

  • This site is Brave Rewards publisher. If you are using Brave, as a function of the browser, Cryptocurrency "Basic Attention Token" (BAT) may be sent to Kuropen according to the visiting time or your operation. This function does not collect your personal information.
  • Pages on this website may have link(s) to e-commerce website for purpose to introduce product(s) that is/are mentioned in an article. Before clicking such link, you should agree that your information, such as IP address and the fact that you reach to such website from this website, are sent to the merchant, and these are handled according to their privacy policy.

Disclosure about analytics

  • Analytics system is currently not deployed for this website.

Disclosure about cookie or other local storage

  • This website does not need any Cookie functionality.
  • Some of Kuropen's website enables color mode (light mode / dark mode) switching. In this function, browser's local storage is used for preserve the current state. This does not include personal information.